Cheese Making Tradition of Lesbos

Lesbos is an island with history that goes back three millennia, known as the “Land of Abundance”. Due to the great quality flavor, the dairy products of the island were famous throughout Greece since the ages of Homer.

In ancient Greece, milk was considered a sacred food and according to Greek mythology, the art of cheese making was a gift given to mortals by the Gods of Olympus.

Livestock in the island of Lesbos has been favored since ancient times because of the volcanic pastures, along with the mild climate and rich biodiversity. The quality of milk is therefore affected positively by the island’s nature, for giving special aromas, flavor and high nutrients.

Livestock in Lesbos is a family traditional profession passing from one generation to the other.

Lesbos dairy products and especially the cheese is the basis for many traditional recipes in the culinary culture of the island.