Nut bars “Olympos” with cinnamon & apple


35,71 €/kg
OLYMPOS bars contain nuts that, in combination with fruit, spices or dark chocolate, provide energy and all the nutrients that the body of both adults and children needs for a balanced daily life that is not aimed at nutritional supplements and substitutes for athletes, nor in snacks for weight loss. It simply aims to offer different options for everyone who is looking for a tasty, healthy and filling snack, with raw materials and flavors included in the Mediterranean diet.

We can choose between 4 flavors: nut bar with apple and cinnamon, nut bar with dark chocolate and sea salt, bar with Cranberries and almonds and finally Coconut Chocolate.
OLYMPOS Nut Bars are ideal for all hours of the day and are a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack that is enjoyed by adults who are watching their diet and delights young children as a great alternative for a morning snack at school or an afternoon snack